what is Sýslið?

Sýslið is a company in Hólmavík that seeks to harness the creativity of locals and the public at large and support all kinds of innovation, art, manufacture and technology.

Sýslið consists of workshops that are variously used by the owners for design and creativity but also open to the public to come and make use of them. Sýslið also hosts diverse courses to do with art, design and innovation.


As residents in an area which is far removed from many services we have found a need to establish a creative space where people can come and try out all kinds of materials and tools to make anything under the sun. Our aim is for Sýslið to become a community centre where people can seek both wisdom and entertainment.

Sýslið Sýslumannshús Hólmavík

the people

Ásta Þórisdóttir


Svanur Kristjánsson


Silja ástudóttir


Bára Örk Melsted


Partners & sponsors