Fab Lab Strandir

Sýslið has a Fab Lab; workshops, tools and machinery for a wide variety of creative projects.

The workshops are utilized by the Sýslið´s proprietors but are also a facility for anyone to use during open workshop hours.

Come and use the facility and the Sýslið staff will assist and guide you the best they can.

It is free to use the facilities at Fab Lab Strandir during opening hours.

Opening hours

Fab Lab Strandir is open 2022 every Monday 4-7 PM.

Feel free to come and visit us!

Digital Workshop

Full Spectrum Laser PS20 laser cutter which can cut acrylic sheet, cardboard, paper, leather, textiles, wooden sheets, (tex, plywood, mdf etc) up to 4mm thickness. It can also raster on to various materials, such as glass, stone and some metals.

Prusa Mini is a precise 3d printer for all common 3d printing materials. The maximum print area is 180 x 180mm. 3d models can be designed in various applications, including several free ones, such as Tinkercad, Sketchup and Fusion 360.

Ooznest Workbee 3D router with a bed size of 150 x 150 cm can handle wood, plastics and soft metals.

Modela MDX20 is a small desktop 3d router suitable for milling electrical circuits or small models. It also has a needle scanner for scanning small items.

3d models for both routers can be created in free applications such as Tinkercad, Sketchup or Fusion 360. Post processing for the Ooznest must be done in Fusion 360 CAM, The Modela has it´s own proprietary software, but can import files in a DXF or STL format.

Silhouette Portrait is a small desktop cutter that can cut paper and cardstock up to 2mm in thickness. It can also cut various kinds of films and plastic sheet materials. The cutter is well suited for making greeting cards, cutting adhesive decals, masks for painting or etching etc. Digital files for the cutter can be created in Inkscape, which is a free vector editing application.

Main Workshops

The wood shop has most tools needed for working in wood; a table saw, bandsaw, power drills, routers, sanders etc.

Sewing is possible using an ordinary sewing machine and a serger/ovelocker. Basic sewing accessories, such as ironing board, iron, scissors, measuring tapes etc. 

Wool felting: Felt, plastic sheeting and felting needles.

Electric pottery wheel, turntable, clay shaping tools etc. No kiln, but access to the community owned kiln can be arranged.

Painting: easels, watercolor support panels. 

Lino-and woodcut: Gouges for linoleum and woodcutting, small printing rollers, handheld roller. (no graphic press)

Silkscreening: Screen frames, squeegees.

48w variable temperature soldering station. 40w soldering iron and 80w soldering iron. Tin and accessories.

Silver work station:
Soldering block, torch, hand tools, silver solder etc.

The metal shop has Mig welders for steel and aluminium, a small metalworking lathe for miniature work as well as a full size metal lathe. Also a drill press and basic hand tools.